New Orleans Fishing for trout June 12, 2016

 The Best New Orleans fishing trips

The New Orleans fishing has been great for trout and red fish:

Caught two limits of trout before 8 oclock! The winds were blowing out of the southeast with an incoming tide. We moved around Hackberry Bay, Black Snail Bay, and Red Eye fishing around the islands looking for shrimp jumping. When we got on the trout, it was one after the other sometimes two at a time. Not even taken time to open the ice chest. All the trout were between 17 and 18 inches.

All fish were caught tight lining double rigged H & H swimming  cocohoe minnow in glow with chart tail, 1/4 oz jig heads and fluorocarbon leader. Cast out let the rig go all the way to bottom, reel the rig in just fast enough to keep it off bottom. Call Bayou Country Charters and book your New Orleans fishing trip now.





New Orleans Fishing for trout
Bayou Country charters on the Trout again